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ERMAKEN Vinç Teknik Servisi, vincinize değer katan tüm hizmetleri TSE-HYB standartlarına uygun olarak gerçekleştirir.

Her marka ve model vincin muayenesi, bakımı, yedek parça imalatı ve arıza teknik servis işlemleri servisimizde yapılır.

Crane Spare Parts

In all maintenance and technical service operations, the correct spare parts should be used to keep the crane in its best condition for many years.

 Our Technical Service, where you can supply spare parts of ERMAKEN cranes under the most favorable conditions, has the opportunity to supply or manufacture the lining, rope, wheel, gear, etc. mechanical parts of any type and brand of crane.

Crane Periodic Maintenance

A quarterly periodic maintenance agreement is made for a minimum of one year, without crane brand and capacity limit.

Within the scope of maintenance, early detection of malfunctions that may occur, wear-crack-wear-vibration-sound monitoring as well as lubrication and preventive maintenance is done.

 ISG - studies are carried out to complete the deficiencies regarding occupational safety.


Priority intervention is made for malfunctions that may occur within the periodic maintenance agreement process.

Crane Restoration

Works carried out within the scope of crane renewal and modernization;


Rope Exchange

Brake Pad Replacement

Remote control

Overload Protection

Collision Avoidance

Variable Speed ​​Control

Coupling Clutch Refresh


Steel Structure Reinforcement


Crane Repair Services


ERMAKEN Crane Technical Service

provides renovation, troubleshooting, spare parts supply and maintenance services for all crane brands in accordance with TSE standards.



0216 540 2581

0216 540 2582




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