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Trolley Bus Bar

ERMAKEN Trolley Busbar Systems

ERA manufactures and sells PVC Trolley Busbar systems used in cranes that provide current transmission.

40-100 amps crane systems are manufactured in a range of bars, prepared in desired measurements and delivered.

ERA PVC Trolley Busbar is a mobile power delivery system. The current collector car that provides energy transfer from the busbar is mechanically connected to the copper railings and provides uninterrupted energy transfer by moving on the system.

The application areas of busbar systems, which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, are bridge cranes, monorail cranes and electric hoists.


Busbar system can operate between -30˚C and + 70˚C in open and closed environments.


It is produced in accordance with EEC directives and safety requirements. It is easy to install and does not require maintenance.

Standard length is 4000 mm.

Fittings are bolted.

The protection class is IP 23.




For your trolley busbar demands suitable for all crane models and brands;


0216 540 2581

0216 540 2582

ERA-TBB100-E Trolley Busbar

ERA-TBB100-E Cable Carrier

ERA-TBB100-E Cable Carrier


ERA-TBB100-E Cable Carrier

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