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C Profile & Cable Carriers

ERMAKEN C Profile Cable Carrier Systems

ERA manufactures and sells the C Profile Cable Trolley systems used in cranes that provide current transmission.

Systems carry the energy cable with the cable trolley in a specially designed profile. It is suitable for use in confined spaces and steamy environments exposed to chemical vapor.

System consists of C profile, attachment, suspension part, cable trolley, pioneer car, control pioneer car fixed cable trolley.  Mechanism enables the car to move on the bridge smoothly.


All cable trolleys have bearing wheels and move efficiently on C profiles produced on special rolfirm benches. The pioneer cart mounted on the car ensures that the cables run back and forth smoothly. The control button moves along the bridge independently from the car.

They are produced in accordance with CE directives and safety requirements. It is easy to install and does not require maintenance.

Its standard length is 4000 mm.

Fittings are bolted.

Protection class is IP 23.

For your c profile & cable carrier system demands suitable for all crane models and brands;


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Metal Cable Carrier


Plastic Cable Carrier

Control Pioneer Unit

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