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Crane Load Limiters

Overload Limiter Manufacturing

ERA manufactures and sells GENERAL TECHNIC brand mechanical overload protection limiters used as safety equipment in cranes.


GENERAL TECHNIC brand load limiters, which are selected in accordance with the rope load, diameter and pulley type, are in accordance with international standards and are CE certified.


GTS 005 Load Limiter


Mechanical overload limiters are designed to prevent the operators from lifting excessive loads in lifting equipment and to protect the system against related failures.



Mechanical overload limiters are the easiest and most economical system to install for users. Overload Limiters, which are mounted close to the fixed (termination) point of the rope in lifting machines, operate depending on the rope tension.


- It can be easily adapted to existing cranes during the production phase or afterwards.

- It is protected against corrosion and external environment.
- Operating limit can be adjusted.
- Optionally, two different load levels can be determined for warning and protection purposes.




For your overload switch / switch demands suitable for all crane models and brands;



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