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Chainblock Hoists

ERA GR-8 CK Caraskal

ERA GR-10 KIT-II Caraskal

Chainblock Hoists


Chainblock hoists are systems that are used to lift your load without electricity / manually.

It can be used in two or four directions by hanging from the ceiling or mounted on a rail.

Lifting load, lifting distance and chain length are determined by the needs and demands of the customer.

The capacities of the hoists mainly used in ERA are as follows:

1 Tonnes Chainblock

2 Ton Chainblock

3 Ton Chainblock

5 Ton Chainblock

10 Ton Chainblock

20 Ton Chainblock

All hoists sold in ERA are CE certified and comply with TSE-HYB standards.


For your chain hoist demands;


0216 540 2581

0216 540 2582

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