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Steel Wire Ropes

Steel Wire Ropes

ERA sells different types of black, galvanized and stainless steel ropes and rope attachments, and manufactures and sells steel load carrying slings.

Our delivery of steel ropes prepared in the desired size car in Istanbul, for rest of Turkey is provided by cargo delivery.

kullanim-yerine-gore- vinç -çelik- halat


Our technical service provides the steel rope exchange service of any brand model crane at the location of the crane.



The manufacture and renewal of the rope guides used for the smooth winding of the steel ropes wrapped on the crane drums and preventing jumping are carried out within the scope of the crane technical services.


The production and renewal of the rope harness pulleys on the crane machines and the rope pulleys on the hook blocks are carried out within the scope of the crane technical services.

Steel Wire Rope Classes

Fiber Core 6x19

Lif Özlü 6x19 Çelik Halat.jpg

Fiber Core 6x36

Lif Özlü 6x36 Çelik Halat.jpg

Steel Core 6x19

Çelik Özlü 6x19 Çelik Halat.jpg

Steel Core 6x36

Çelik Özlü 6x36 Çelik Halat.jpg
kullanim-yerine-gore- çelik vinç -halatl

Wire Rope Service, 

ERA provides steel rope sales and rope exchange services in compliance with TSE-HYB standards for all crane models and brands. For your steel rope price and rope change requests;


0216 540 2581

0216 540 2582

Nuflex 19x7 Turn Resistant

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